The Original ‘Tron’ with New CGI Special Effects

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Does the original Tron deserve a digital upgrade?

It seems like Tron is everywhere these days. With the release of Tron: Legacy in 2010 and the subsequent animated series, Tron: Uprising, Tron has become a familiar sight to sci-fi fans everywhere. But that wasn’t always the case. For the longest time, fans of Tron had to be happy with the original 1982 film and a few video game releases. And now, it is time for the ultimate gift to Tron fans: a complete digital upgrade.

What You Need To Know

With a pair of sequels to Tron: Legacy planned (rumored to center around Edward Dillinger, Jr., son of the human villain of the original film), Disney should completely update the digital effects of the first film to fall more in line with those in the current iterations of the series.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

In addition to making the film more visually appealing by updating the digital effects, producers could alter some of the character coloring from the original film. The original script had called for good guys to be blue and bad guys to be red.  This is reflected in many of the characters (Tron and Flynn are blue and Sark is red, for example).  But the final film included yellow, orange, and green characters as well.  The reasons for the alternate coloring is never sufficiently explained to the viewer.  The sequel embraced orange coloring on some characters but the original’s coloring left some ambiguity.

Also, the film could add some new scenes, accomplished using the same technology that created an all-digital Clu from the likeness of Jeff Bridges for the sequel. Potential scenes could include: showing an early iteration of the Quorra program (Sam’s love interest in the sequel) as well as scenes covering the years separating the two films.

But Will This Actually Happen?

Probably not. Tron: Legacy didn’t meet with the level of success that Disney was hoping for. And while it looks as if it did well enough to get itself a sequel, a digital overhaul seems unlikely.  I just don’t see Disney shelling out the dough to get it done.