The Doctor’s Future Enemies?

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What other classic villains might resurface on Doctor Who?

When Doctor Who returned with the Ninth Doctor, show creators were slow to re-introduce classic elements of the show, probably not wanting to use them all at once.  The first season re-introduced Daleks before the show went on to reintroduce many others.  What villains lurk around the corner next season? Here are some ideas.

What You Need To Know

Following the return of the Daleks in season one, the show reintroduced The Cybermen in season two (with an updated design) before going on to add The Master, Davros, The Autons, The Sontarans, The Silurians and The Ice Warriors.  The Zygons have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming 50th anniversary special.  So what enemies could be brought back?

The Rani- A villainous Time Lady scientist who vexed the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, she could provide The Doctor with an opportunity to face off against an intellect that matches his own (or far exceeds his own, in the Rani’s opinion).  And while most Time Lords are thought to have not survive the Time War, it’s always possible a couple more survived.  Like…

The Meddling Monk- Not seen since the early years of the show, the Meddling Monk traveled time in his own TARDIS, exploiting the time line for his own personal gain.  At one point Patrick Stewart was rumored to portray the character and it would still be incredible if that happened.

The Celestial Toymaker- Portrayed by Michael Gough (known best as Alfred in the Batman films), The Celestial Toymaker was an immortal from another dimension who faced off against the First Doctor.  He was supposed to return to face the Sixth, but the episodes were cancelled before being put into production.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

Whovians who have embraced the old show as much as the new tend to love to see connections between the old and new iterations of the show as evidenced by the slow re-introduction of classic villains into the show.  The more classic villains the Doctor faces the bigger his expanded history becomes, giving a sense of continuity to the story that began in the 1963.

But Will This Actually Happen?

These particular characters? Who knows?  But as the show progresses the likelihood of reintroducing older characters, to a new audience, does increase.