‘The Big Bang Theory’ + Spinoff = ‘Wheaton!’

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Wil Wheaton and Kevin Sussman are the perfect duo for a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory

With The Big Bang Theory sitting atop the ratings heap, it seems only natural that CBS greenlit a spinoff series in the future.  My idea for a spinoff stars Wil Wheaton as himself and Kevin Sussman as comic book store owner Stuart Bloom in a show titled Wheaton!.

What You Need To Know

On Big Bang, Sussman began as an infrequent guest star, appearing more and more often before finally becoming a series regular in season six. Wheaton, playing a fictionalized version of himself, was introduced as Stuart’s friend and nemesis to the show’s main character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper and returned several times to vex Cooper, becoming arguably the most popular of the recurring characters on the show.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

Both Wheaton and Stuart are prime candidates for further story expansion.  Having a bona fide sci-fi star playing himself on a show geared towards nerds just makes sense.  And Stuart is a great recurring character in his own right.  A show about Wheaton buying Stuart’s comic store to keep it afloat is a good place to start.  Stuart could be fleshed out to include a possible love interest and kooky family members.  Wheaton could be a gateway to a plethora of nerd culture icon guest stars.  Add in other Big Bang minor characters like Captain Sweatpants and Brent Spiner and you have yourself a cast.

But Will It Actually Happen?

Will? Probably not, but it definitely is a possiblity.  Big Bang is one of the biggest shows around and it makes sense for a spinoff to air after Big Bang in order to try and keep some of it’s large audience.