Rocky Horror’s Revenge

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show needs a true theatrical sequel.

After many false starts I think the time is right for the queen of all cult hits, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to finally get a real sequel. The original film became a cult hit due to the popularity of late night fan-interactive showings of the initially unsuccessful film. In time, the film became synonymous with midnight movies and has spawned a fan base that stays strong to the present day.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Not so much a sequel as a spin-off, 1981’s Shock Treatment featured the further adventures of Brad and Janet from the original film (here played by Jessica Harper and Cliff DeYoung). Despite featuring great songs, the film was a flop but has gone on to achieve it’s own late night notoriety, often playing alongside the original film.  Richard O’Brien (creator of the original musical upon which the movie was made) starred as Riff Raff in the original and Dr. Cosmo McKinley in Shock Treatment. O’Brien has tried a few times to get a sequel produced, first with Rocky Horror Shows His Heels which floundered after original director Jim Sharman balked at the project and again after Shock Treatment with Revenge of the Old Queen, which was never made to the disappointing reaction to Shock Treatment. Both screenplays featured the return of Frank-N-Furter as well as a pregnant Janet (most likely with Frank’s child). In 2001, O’Brien was said to be working on a sequel to the original musical but the project never materialized, with only one song title surfacing, “Frankie Phoenix”.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

With Hollywood scrambling for new franchises, it’s time to give the green light to a sequel to the greatest cult hit of all time. O’Brien should write the story and songs of course. With the passage of time, the original cast are unlikely to reprise their roles so it may be wise to recast the parts. Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston would be brilliant as Frank, as would Andy Serkis with Riff Raff, Zachary Levi with Brad and Jennifer Lawrence with Janet. New characters would need to be cast if the story were to follow the earlier sequel attempts, include Frank’s mother The Old Queen, Janet’s son Frankie Jr. and most likely many more.

But Will It Actually Happen?

I wouldn’t count on it.  A remake has been discussed over the years but a true sequel doesn’t seem likely.