For Batman’s Co-Creator, Getting Credit is Long Overdue

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Isn't about time Bill Finger receives co-creator credit for Batman?

Hot on the heels of the recently concluded Superman rights case and the pending court case between Marvel Comics and Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich, co-creator status should be granted by DC Comics to legendary Batman writer Bill Finger.

Here’s What You Need To Know

While Bob Kane did come up with the name and basic concept of Batman, it was Bill Finger who was credited with streamlining the character’s look into the overall look readers are familiar with. Kane had apparently come up with a costume more in keeping with the incredibly popular (especially at the time) Superman, with red trunks. It was Finger who suggested changing the mask to a cowl and changing the color scheme to a basic black and gray (with purple gloves, initially).

Finger also created such familiar elements of the Batman mythos as the Batcave, the Batmobile, the hero’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne and the name of Batman’s home city, Gotham City. And as Batman has the best rogue’s gallery in all of comics, it comes as no surprise that Finger co-created (with Kane) The Joker, The Penguin and The Scarecrow, while creating The Riddler with Dick Sprang and The Calendar Man on his own.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

Finger has long been known to be the co-creator behind the Dark Knight but the credit (and subsequent royalties) have long been denied and solely claimed by Batman’s other creator, artist Bob Kane.  While Finger has been deceased since 1974, a new ruling in his favor would theoretically provide royalties for his surviving family members. With Batman more popular than ever the ruling would serve to pay off on movies, television, comics and merchandising rights indefinitely. Finger’s only surviving heir is his granddaughter Athena.

But Will This Actually Happen?

Probably not.  While many feel that Finger should get more credit for his role in Batman’s creation, Bob Kane seems to have a solid lock on that honor.  With nobody (that I am aware of) actively seek action, who knows if it will ever happen?