Five Horror Movie Monster Showdowns that Should be Made

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There are a some horror movie monster crossovers that would make for epic cinema

I have spent most of my life as a fan of horror movies. I can remember sneaking downstairs late after my family went to bed to watch the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies on USA Network.  And years later, as an adult, when Freddy Vs. Jason was released in the theaters, it got me thinking of other horror franchises that could crossover.  And I have never really stopped thinking about it.  At one time Pinhead was intended to be included in Freddy Vs. Jason at the end.  There was also talk of adding Ash from the Evil Dead series into a Freddy Vs. Jason sequel (an idea which later came about in comic book form).  Also in early development was Helloween, a film that would have crossed over Michael Myers and Pinhead.  The studio eventually scrapped that in favor of rebooting the Halloween franchise with Rob Zombie. But here are some horror crossovers that would really work.

Jason vs. Leatherface

I admit I kind of stole this idea.  In 1995, Topps Comics published a Jason Vs. Leatherface miniseries by Nancy A. Collins (author of the Sonja Blue novels).  It featured Jason meeting Leatherface and becoming friends, even being adopted into the Sawyer family before the two turned on each other.  I always loved this idea.  Not only because Jason and Leatherface are two of the most icon horror movie slashers of all time but also because they are both essentially little boys warped by a demented family dynamic.  If you were to feature a non-supernatural Jason in a knockdown drag-out fight with Leatherface, the results could be incredible.  Imagine the chainsaw facing off against the iconic machete.  You could get the two guys who played the characters in the most recent reboots to play the part.  They are both big guys and could really bring menace to this showdown.

Pinhead vs. Candyman

This one makes a weird kind of sense as both characters were originally created by British horror legend Clive Barker.  Pinhead first appeared in the novella The Hellbound Heart and Candyman in the short story The Forbidden.  The character of Candyman, though physically sharing very little with the Cenobites of the Hellraiser series, always struck me as being similar in nature.  Like he was a rogue Cenobite or something.  And that could be the premise for this film.  Pinhead and his Cenobites fight the rogue Cenobite Candyman over a victim (or victims) and in the process reveal details of how Candyman became a Cenobite.  I think it could make for some weird film.

The Firefly Family vs. Jupiter’s Family

The Firefly Family appeared in the Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.  It included a host of bizarre characters but for the crossover I would want to focus on Captain Spaulding, Baby and Otis (the focus of Devil’s Rejects).  Jupiter and his family appeared in the Wes Craven classic The Hills Have Eyes and its remake.  I would focus on the originals, including Jupiter, Mars and the freakish Pluto.  Jupiter and his family are cannibals living in the hills and deforemed by radiation while the Fireflys are just a depraved and murderous clan.  But I think forcing the two groups into a conflict where they both had to sink to their dirtiest tricks to survive could make an excellent film, especially if Rob Zombie directed.  It could be hard to fit into the continuity of the films but in horror films there’s no plot twist you can’t explain.

Frankenstein vs. Dracula

On the surface this seems like just a rehashing of the old Universal films that featured Dracula, The Wolf Man and Frankenstein.  But my idea for this one would feature Gary Oldman‘s Dracula (from the film Bram Stoker’s Dracula) and Robert DeNiro‘s Frankenstein’s Monster (from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) facing off.  Both films were brilliant takes on the source novels and unrated in my opinion.  The story could follow the Monster’s wanderings after the events of his film and coming across Dracula, who uses him to carry out his nefarious plans, eventually leading to a showdown.  Throw in great supporting characters from the films like Kenneth Branagh‘s Victor Frankenstein, Anthony Hopkins‘ Abraham Van Helsing and Winona Ryder‘s Mina Harker and you could have a world class film.

Freddy vs. Predator

Okay, this one is probably the biggest stretch of all.  But when a friend mentioned this idea it was too good to pass up.  Imagine Robert Englund‘s Freddy Kreuger forced to battle Predators in their dreams when they come to Elm Street to seek prey.  What would a Predator’s dreams look like?  And would Freddy be able to overcome the bizarre nature of Predator dreams to defeat them?  I think it would fascinating to find out.