Cleveland Brown and the Drive Back to Quahog

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Cleveland Brown could return to Family Guy next season.

After four seasons on the air, Fox officially cancelled The Cleveland Show in May. Fortunately for the show’s title character, the home he once left vacant on Spooner St., the very same road that a certain Family Guy takes up residence on, is still on the market.

Here’s What You Need to Know…

During the first seven seasons of Family Guy, Cleveland Brown was a frequently recurring character on the show. In 2009, Cleveland left Quahog, RI, the fictional city Family Guy takes place in, and moved to Stoolbend, VA, another fictional city, to star in his own self-titled animated spin-off series: The Cleveland Show. The Cleveland Show ran from September 27, 2009, to May 19, 2013, for a total of four seasons and 88 episodes.

Why is this a Good Idea?

Cleveland Brown was one of the more popular recurring characters during his time on Family Guy, which is also part of the reason he got his own series in the first place, so adding him back to the lineup would definitely be a welcomed re-addition. On top of that, the group dynamic between Peter Griffin, the main character of Family Guy, and his friends has been off balanced since Cleveland’s departure. The show has made multiple attempt to replace this vacancy with other characters over the years (ie. Jermone, Brian Griffin, Lois Griffin), but none of them quite fit the bill.

But will this Actually Happen?

Actually, there’s a very strong possibility of this happening.

Mike Henry, the voice of Cleveland Brown, never actually stopped being part of the Family Guy‘s main cast. He is still the voice behind such popular recurring characters as Herbert and Consuela. Besides that, Fuzzy Door Productions, the production company behind Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, has a propensity to reuse character assets and animations. With 88 episodes worth of new Cleveland Brown assets, the prospect of added Cleveland back into the rotation could be considered more appealing than using some of the currently recurring characters. That said, transitioning Cleveland Brown back into the rotation will be pretty easy to accommodate.

Since the cancellation of The Cleveland Show was announced in May and it takes about 9 months from start to finish to complete an episode of the Family Guy, the earliest we could hope to see Cleveland Brown’s return would be late January or early February 2014. Odds are that Cleveland’s move back to Quahog is less of an ‘if’ and more of a ‘when.’ Now whether or not any other characters from The Cleveland Show also come to Quahog is a completely different story.